Free personalized card

You want to mark an occasion with a unique personalized gift to a loved one?
We propose to achieve this by offering a personalized message with your order and this totally for free.


personnalized card

step-1You can customize the front of the envelope as you like(1) and add a picture like a heart, a star, etc ...

step-2Customize your card as you wish*, however for a better rendering and readability the text of center should not exceed 300 words.

*You can change only the text, the design of the envelope and card are definitive.

How to do:

You can contact us in 2 ways to customize your card

- First way


in step 3 (03.Address) of the checkout processstep-3go in the bottom of the page and give us the customization instructions in field of comment about order.step-4

- Second way


If you forget to leave us the customization instructions via the first way, don't worry you will just have to click on this link: HERE and leave a message to the personalized card servicestep-5

If you want more information about this service please contact us.